My First Birth With Chronic Pain (CRPS)

Hey there, friends!

I hope life is treating you well. Here is part two of the pregnancy and childbirth with chronic pain series. Please comment with any questions or your personal experiences! Also, if you like the content you’re receiving, I would be grateful for any likes and shares 🙂

 Is childbirth a consideration for you in your chronic pain journey?

I’m back! Brief life update and video series announcement

I’m still here! I know a lot of life has happened for us since my last post (like a baby)! How is everyone doing? Check out the video to learn more about my plans for some upcoming videos.

Also, y’all… the amount of technological struggle it’s taken to get this video up is ridiculous. I’m not sure who on earth gave a majorly sleep deprived momma (who didn’t write down ANY login information) free reign to create YouTube and blog accounts, but it was a terrible life decision 😂😂😂.

Sometimes You’ve Gotta Rest…

We had a fun filled week last week as my SIL and her family came to visit before they move to TZ in August! Dinosaur museums, walking trails, pizza and ice cream making, and staying up after the kids went to sleep to visit, among other things, filled our week. They are such a wonderful blessing to us and I’m thankful for the time we got with them. Even though we were going a lot, we made sure to build in down time each day, and thankfully I was able to avoid any major flares.

In my head, I had grand plans of blog posts to get going, projects to start around the house, and business tasks to work on. However, I awoke Tuesday morning to a very sick and sad little one. It was tempting to be a little frustrated because I felt okay, but was not able to work on anything because A wants lots of extra nursing and constant holding. If I’m not flaring, I feel like I need to be as productive as possible. But this is absolutely false. There may be dishes everywhere and my bedroom is overtaken with laundry, but I am doing the task I need to right now, sitting and watching a movie (and both of us taking a short nap earlier because she shared the snots with me. I thought moms weren’t supposed to get sick?!).

Sometimes, it’s a flare that wrecks our plans. Sometimes, our tiny humans need us. And sometimes, we just need to rest for us. And that’s okay, friends. The laundry doesn’t have any pressing engagements and I’m pretty sure the dishes can pencil you in later ;).

Anyone else having to slow down this week?